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How Do We Assist in Your Business?

Empowering Diverse Clientele through Expertise and Comprehensive Support:
Tailored Consulting for Every Step of Your Journey

Needs Assessment and Problem Identification

We support our clients in every step of the way, regardless of the size or client population. Our client portfolio is diverse, from small, mid-size and large-scale social service providers. We deploy an objective and unbiased approach, to gain our clients trust no matter who we represent.

Solution Design and Implementation Strategy

We support our clients with capacity and technical assistance, no matter the size, type, specialty, severity, or location. We have access to some of the top experts in their fields who devote their entire careers to aiding clients with the most common to the most unique types of organizational issues.

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Continuous Improvement

Our statewide presence and immense network of subject matter experts and consultants mean that we can collaborate with some of the top minds in the industry and provide you with quick answers, all while remaining your one stop shop for capacity building and technical assistance.

Organizational Development Impacts on Your Business

Without Organizational Development

Failed Project Results

Extended Project Timelines

Additional Project Costs

Low Adoption and Usage

Without Organizational Development

Likely to meet project objectives

Likely to stay on schedule

Likely to stay on budget

People-dependent ROI achieved

Customized Solutions to Meet Your Organizations Needs

We offer results-focused onsite and virtual solutions, tailored to meet your
specific needs and organizational goals.



Experience engaging, interactive, world-class organizational development training programs. Perfect for change practitioners, project managers, people managers, front-line employees, sponsors, program leaders and executive teams.


Our mission is to help you build competency in organizational development. We'll partner with you at the individual, project or organizational level, with the ultimate goal to help your current and future change initiatives succeed.


With development accelerating, creating a growing culture is more important than ever. Capatech provides you with the support and services that will help you achieve the unique goals of your business.

Capatech’s Approach

At CapaTech, we adopt a meticulous step-by-step approach to pinpoint and tackle business
challenges, crafting bespoke solutions that not only address but also resolve issues, ensuring
sustainable success for your organization.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

CapaTech works closely with businesses to assess their current position, identify growth opportunities, and develop actionable plans to achieve their objectives.

Training, Skill Development & Direct Services

CapaTech offers a range of training. skill development and direct services designed to empower businesses and their employees with the knowledge and capabilities needed to thrive in their respective industries.

Technology Adoption and Integration Services

CapaTech specializes in helping businesses identify, adopt, and integrate cutting-edge technologies to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and drive innovation.

Capatech’s Approach

At CapaTech, we adopt a meticulous step-by-step approach to pinpoint and tackle business
challenges, crafting bespoke solutions that not only address but also resolve issues, ensuring
sustainable success for your organization.


Defining Your Business
challenges & Goals


Analyzing the
Need & Process


Selecting the right solutions and platforms

Helping Business and Organizations to Resolve Challenges

Nonprofits have a unique set of challenges, ranging from administrative, fundraising, board, and human resources. Our job is to help your organization to overcome these challenges so you can move forward to achieve your goals. We have the expertise and capacity to assist with board development expectations and goals.

Board Development

Data & Evaluation

Fiscal Management

Data & Evaluation

Marketing & Communications

Program Development


Strategic Planning

Policies & Procedures

Research & Development

Grant Writing & Fund Dev

Web Development

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Who We Serve?

Small Businesses

Companies seeking to establish systems for efficiency gains, management compliance, risk management, and growth.

Medium Business

More developed businesses looking for reviews, evaluations, and support of their existing systems. Companies looking for additional external resources to supplement their operations.

Nonprofit Organizations

501(c)3 organizations seeking to maximize their resources while focusing on their core mission by outsourcing essential business practices to trusted external experts.

What People Say About CapaTech?

Hundreds of success stories, and counting. Is your business ready to be our next?
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Capatech's programs have helped us improve our overall operations and build our capacity to serve. This has led to more efficiency administratively and programmatically. The result has been a better work culture and improved outcomes for our constituents.

Carmen Neely

Co-founder, President & CEO of Harlem Pride
Co-Executive Director, Harlem SGL•LGBTQ Center
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Capatech has been an invaluable partner in enhancing our organization's capacity to deliver effective HIV/AIDS prevention and harm reduction services in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Their tailored approach, deep expertise, and commitment empowered us to expand our reach, improve data collection strategies, and ultimately make a greater impact in our community. I highly recommend Capatech to any organization seeking to strengthen their operations and achieve meaningful outcomes.

Annette Roque

Executive Director La Nueva Esperanza,Inc
Brooklyn NY
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CapaTech's guidance was transformative for our organization Lawrence, NY. Their strategic insights and tailored solutions bolstered our capacity to deliver impactful programs and initiatives.Weekly meetings with Capatech help me to gain better understanding of how programs worked and made developing budgets easier.

Anthea Little

CFO/Acting Executive Director
Five Towns Community Health Center Lawrence NY
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The Leadership Rootwork training, facilitated by Capatech, was a transformative experience. As a participant, I gained invaluable insights, skills, and strategies to enhance my leadership abilities. The training provided practical tools rooted in real-world scenarios, group break sessions were very engaging. Capatech provided supportive learning environment that encouraged growth and collaboration. I highly recommend this training to anyone looking to unlock their leadership potential and drive positive change in their organization.

J. Pierre Louis

President & CEO CapraCare
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The Effective Communication course facilitated by CapaTech was great. I gained invaluable insights and practical techniques to enhance my communication skills. The training provided actionable strategies for fostering clarity, empathy, and connection in both professional and personal interactions.

Simone Smith, FNP

Optum Health

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