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Who We Serve

We support our clients in every step of the way, regardless of the size or client population. Our client portfolio is diverse, from small, mid-size and large-scale social service providers. We deploy an objective and unbiased approach, to gain our clients trust no matter who we represent.

Multidisciplinary Approach

We support our clients with capacity and technical assistance, no matter the size, type, specialty, severity, or location. We have access to some of the top experts in their fields who devote their entire careers to aiding clients with the most common to the most unique types of organizational issues.

Consulting Services

Our statewide presence and immense network of subject matter experts and consultants mean that we can collaborate with some of the top minds in the industry and provide you with quick answers, all while remaining your one stop shop for capacity building and technical assistance.

Resolving Challenges of Businesses

Businesses have a unique set of challenges, ranging from board development, strategic planning, managing humans to sustainability. Our job is to help your business overcome these challenges so you can move forward to achieve your goals.

Board Development

Data and Evaluation

Fiscal Management

Managing Humans

Marketing & Communications

Program Development


Strategic Planning

What People Say About CapaTech?

CapaTech has been instrumental in empowering numerous businesses to navigate their challenges and achieve remarkable success. Our clients consistently praise our innovative solutions and dedicated support for transforming their visions into reality.

Through our encounters with LaTroya, we achieved a concise understanding of our organization, our target audience, and actionable tactics to reach them effectively from where we are. We received insights that allowed us to align our efforts more effectively, ensuring that we were on track to connect with our intended audience.

The training was very thorough and user-friendly, breaking down each point while providing examples. The trainer was very engaging and, though we were in session for 3 hours, it did not feel like it so that's always a great thing!

Interacting with LaTroya has been an exceptional experience. Her unwavering dedication to those involved and their achievements is truly commendable. We deeply value her continuous support, and her pursuit of excellence shines through in every interaction. We wholeheartedly recommend her.

At CapaTech, we believe in empowering those who empower others.

Our mission is to enhance the efficiency and impact of Businesses through dedicated consultancy, direct support, and innovative e-learning solutions.

-Melissa Baker

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We’re here to help your organization maximize its potential. If you have any questions, need more information about our services, or want to discuss how we can tailor our solutions for your specific needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out.